Project Description

The local startup URBAN Remedy contacted us with the request to help them create a brand identity as well as a website for the UR Community. The website is the main platform where people connect, get information about everything related to nutrition, fitness, health, local events and service providers, and can also track their fitness progress. It also offers a variety of other features with more useful functions being added constantly to cater to the UR community.

We wanted to give URBAN Remedy a fresh and healthy identity. Six bold secondary colours (natural gold, healthy green, blueberry violet, sky blue, delicious red & honey yellow) were introduced that complement the primary Urban Black and Urban White colour palette in an energetic and positive way.

The Titans team had a blast working on this project, as it enabled us to connect with wonderful individuals and we actually became quite heavy users of the website ourselves. UR is currently enjoying great success in Singapore with a constantly growing community and new partnerships with well-known brands.



Project Detail